William “Bill” Walls - Fine Art

My journey with drawing and painting began when I was very young. I have a sketch

that was given to my father in 1933, by renowned artist and student of Howard Pyle, Harvey Dunn 1884 - 1952.

 As a child, I would carefully unfold the fragile parchment paper to see the detailed crayon drawing. I was mesmerized by the portrait of a WW1 soldier that his fluid, bold lines formed. I was hooked. Mr. Dunn said.....”Be more interested in life than in art, for from life will come your art”. I hope in some way you too are moved by my paintings. Watercolor is my medium of choice. 

Bill Walls.......Joelton Tennessee

Thank you to my dear mother and father, my wife Pam, my daughter Alison, my sister Anne Lindsey, fellow artists and friends...... H.R. Lovell, Barbara & Charles Allen and David Gillihan for guidance and encouragement.

Premium quality giclee’ prints are available and may be ordered through my “contact me”page. Feel free to request a quote for an heirloom commissioned work as well.

Thank you for viewing my work. I look forward to hearing from you.


View my paintings at Chromatics Gallery

625 Fogg Street, Nashville, TN

Artist reception March 21

Art work on display at Chromatics through July 2019